“Preparing for your marriage as well as your wedding”

Marriage: n. Condition of man and woman legally united for
the purpose of living together and usually procreating
lawful offspring.

If only marriage was as simple as that.

In today’s fragmented and confused society there are many issues that affect a marriage that we are blind to through being in love. However, pre-marital counselling helps us to open our eyes to the realities of marriage. Pre-marital counselling creates the awareness we need and gives us the tools to create a happy union with longevity.

You may be very much in love and even have lived happily together for several years. Somehow, when you marry, something fundamental changes. Not having done it before, it’s very difficult for you to know how to prepare. Pre-marital counselling exposes you to many of the potential issues, lets you work through them ahead of time and unemotionally.

Are you concerned that your relationship is strong enough not to end up in divorce?
Are you having second thoughts or perhaps getting cold feet?
Do you feel supported by your partner in relation to concerns you may have about your future in-laws?
Are there any issues that you and your partner don’t fully agree on that may flare up and cause problems?
Are you unsure but feeling pressured to go through with the wedding so as not to let anyone down?
Have you considered a prenuptial agreement? Do you understand your position and needs clearly and how they should be protected?

Pre-marital counselling encompasses all of these.

Ask yourselves …

Are you fun to live with? Are you an interesting person?
Do you have dreams and fantasies about your life and your partner, or are you realistic in knowing yourself and your loved one?

Do you have a common plan about money, careers, household work and children?

Robyn’s pre-marital counselling will help you answer these questions so that you won’t enter the marriage with false expectations, better preparing you for a lifelong commitment.

Robyn’s pre-marital counselling sessions cover these essential areas

  • Money
  • In-laws
  • Step-children
  • Conflict
  • Anxiety
  • Cross Cultural Issues
  • Pleasure
  • Religion
  • Sex